Big Muscles Body Fuel Hardcore - 1kg

Big Muscles Body Fuel Hardcore – 1kg

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Product Highlight

  • Strong health drink to gain bigger muscles
  • Ensures greater energy, stamina & endurance
  • Helps to repair and grow muscles quickly
  • Combines proteins, carbs & other essential nutrients
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Product Description For : Big Muscles Body Fuel Hardcore – 1kg

Big Muscle Body Fuel Hardcore ( 1 kg)

Big Muscle Body Fuel, as the very name says, is specifically formulated for building and maintaining powerful and bigger muscles. It is a great supplement for bodybuilders who wish to gain bigger muscles, increase lean muscle mass and repair muscle issues, which help in preventing muscle breakdown. It is made up with a fine ratio of carbohydrates and proteins along with other healthy nutrients to help you realize your body building goals quickly.

Key Ingredients

Big Muscle Body Fuel contains a good mix of creatine and proteins to ensure better energy and muscle growth. Also, it has been packed with carbohydrate complex, vitamins and minerals to make it an ideal health drink. Besides, it contains skimmed milk powder, sucrose, starch, arginine, glutamine, long chain maltodextrin, etc.

Directions and Warnings

Take it as a dietary supplement for bigger muscles. Take two servings on training days, one serving before training and one serving after workouts. Each serving should consist of one or two scoops of Big Muscle Body Fuel. Don’t take it if you have liver, kidney or lung problems. This product is not intended for adults below 18 year, nursing and even pregnant women. Keep it out of the reach of children in a cool and dry place away from the light and moisture.


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