RSN Egg & Whey - 2 kg

RSN Egg & Whey – 2 kg

Rs.3,399 Rs.2,923

Product Highlights

  • Contain high biological value
  • Has excellent source of egg and why protein
  • Repairs, maintains and builds muscle tissues
  • Contains 24g of proteins per serving
  • Has low crab, fat and sugar level
  • Improves immunity and metabolism
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Product Description For : RSN Egg & Whey – 2 kg

Build Lean Muscles with Whey Protein

RSN Egg and Whey Protein is a superior combo of egg and whey protein concentrate. The product is specifically prepared to meet the daily protein requirements of athletes, strength training persons and body builders. Each serving provides you with the pure and fast-acting protein to help you build lean muscles. This is a premium supplement that enhances muscle recovery and reduces muscle loss after workouts. The ingredients used in the product are sourced from the renowned suppliers and manufacturers. Rich in amino acid with low fat and carbs, RSN Egg and Whey Protein is a great post-workout supplement to repair muscle tissues and cells, strengthen immunity and build muscles.


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