Six Pack Nutrition 100% Casein 2 Kg

Six Pack Nutrition 100% Casein 2 Kg

Rs.7,450 Rs.6,407

Product Highlights

  • Nutrition-packed product with low fat and crab
  • Contains purest protein derived from best sources
  • Helps lose weight, improve metabolism in the body
  • Builds, strengthens and recovers muscles at faster rate
  • Build lean muscle muse and maintain healthy weight
  • Widely used and recommended supplement for body builders

Product Description For : Six Pack Nutrition 100% Casein 2 Kg

Six Pack Nutrition 100 Casein 2 Kg

Six-Pack Nutrition 100 Casein 2 Kg is one of the leading sports nutrition supplements. It is known to be the purest form of casein with minimal fat and crab. Intake of casein protein is important for quick body building. Rich in casein protein and delicious in taste, it can be combined with milk, soy, nut milk, fruit juice or any other useful drinks for better results. Six-Pack Nutrition 100 Casein Protein is an ideal meal replacement alternative for individuals looking to lose some weight, improve metabolism and build powerful muscles. Get Fitness is pleased to offer this health product at the lowest possible prices now.



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