SSN Performance Whey 2 Kg

SSN Performance Whey 2 Kg

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Product Highlight

  • A source of essential & non essential Amino Acids
  • Supports in recovery and lean muscle mass
  • Each serving of 30 gm contains 22.50 gm Protein
  • Rich in Glutamine & BCAAs


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Product Description For : SSN Performance Whey 2 Kg

SSN Performance Whey is proven as the best and ultimate pure protein supplements as it contains low carb, low fat and pure protein with higher biological value of whey. It is an ideal supplement for post training recovery.

Low temperature with ultrafiltration process has been used to produce 100% whey so that amount of fat and carbs can be removed. The amalgamation of isolate and concentrates provides bioactive of whey fractions with glycomacropeptides (an immune enhancing substance). It is a good supplier of high quality glutamine and BCAAs.

Rich amount of Glutamine works in body as a fuel for immune system and provides anti catalbolic support so that protein synthesis process in the body can be maximized. It results into recovery and lean muscle growth. Branched Chain Amino Acids supply anti-catalbolic support and also reduces the protein breakdown process when user is engaged in exercise.


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