Weider 100% Casein 4 lbs

Rs.5,600 Rs.5,320

Product Highlight

Low fat, low carb
Highly anti-catabolic
100% pure casein

Product Description For : Weider 100% Casein 4 lbs

Weider 100% Casein is one of the dietary supplements, formulated with calcium caseinate that executes in the body for longer release of amino acids. Concentration of this purest form of casein supplies lower level of insulin release, fat and carbohydrate. These all ingredients assist in increasing the fat metabolism at a high rate. This product perfectly protects the muscles at the time of intense training and burning fat. Its intake is ideal before bedtime in night. High anabolic protein contained in this product helps in accomplishing the energy demand, and steadily supplies amino acids to the muscles for at least 7 hours. It is also helpful in boosting up the metabolism to a higher rate.


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