Weider Premium Whey Protein 5lbs

Rs.6,800 Rs.6,460

Product Highlights

  • Advanced WPI formula for muscle augmentation
  • Contains Micro-filtered WPC for quick absorption in the body
  • Manufactured with L-Glutamine and extra BCAA’

Product Description For : Weider Premium Whey Protein 5lbs

Weider Premium Whey Protein is blend of bioactive nutrients which are necessary for health promoting characteristics. Its Glycomacropeptides and Globuline provide health benefits as Omega 3 fatty acids offers. This supplement has worth to be absorbed quickly and focuses on the enhancement of muscle development and restoration.
2 gm L-glutamine contained in this supplement helps athletes and bodybuilders to fight with fatigue and regenerate faster muscle and cell tissue. Rich amount of BCAAs makes it different from other protein supplement as it enhances athletic performance. It’s each serving offers:

• 249 Kcal
• 32 gm Protein
• 2 gm L-glutamine
• 15 gm Carbohydrate
• 6.3 gm Fat


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