Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus 1 kg

Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus – 2 kg

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Product Highlights

  • Comes packed with 100% pure dried Egg Whites
  • has excellent Amino Acid Profile especially BCAA
  • Albumen provides 78% protein to meet protein needs
  • Maintains anabolic state and increases thermic levels
  • Ensure high protein with low fat and low carbohydrates
  • Quick-absorbing formula with better taste and flavour

Product Description For : Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus – 2 kg

Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus 2 Kg is a premium health supplement with nature’s two best protein sources- Albumen (Egg White) and Whey to meet daily protein needs. A faster-absorbing formula, this is packed with essential vitamin, minerals and other nutrients to help fitness enthusiasts build immunity, improve metabolism and feel energetic. Eggs are a wholesome food with natural characteristic of low fat, low carbohydrates and high protein.  They get easily absorbed into the body and help us to build muscle mass. Venky Nutrition Albumen Plus 2 Kg is the latest breakthrough that contains both egg and whey protein with excellent amino acid profile especially BCAA that stimulates protein synthesis in the muscle cell, builds & recovers muscles, improves immunity, boosts up metabolism and relieves fatigue after the workouts.


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